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Elements of a Bird Description

Documenting a notable bird sighting is a part of everyday life for most birders, especially with the growing popularity of eBird. With the increase in documentation out there, though, in many ways there has been a decline in the quality … Continue reading

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Viewing the LCRV Swallow Spectacle

I love spectacles of migration, huge numbers of animals moving; no photos can do it justice. I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to see some of these amazing sights. Hundreds of thousands of Sooty Shearwaters off the California … Continue reading

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Getting Into Sound Recording

I can remember the first time I realized just how powerful birding by ear was. It was October of 2003, and I had already been a birder for years. I was birding with my mother at Topanga State Park in … Continue reading

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Perception of Rare and the LCRV

Each of us has our own perception of what birds we consider rare and think of when someone says we saw a rare bird. Some would consider species with low world populations such as Whooping Crane as the only rare … Continue reading

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Tips for Birding Havasu

November and December are prime times to bird Lake Havasu with waterfowl migration under way. With all three species of scoters as well as a Red-throated Loon and the now regular large numbers of Greater Scaup and smaller number of … Continue reading

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Searching for ‘Spurs

I admit it, my blogging has suffered lately as it falls further down on my list of priorities.  I have made a personal resolution to post more, and I have a draft post half-written about my recent revisit to the … Continue reading

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Keeping notes and eBird

After a great weekend of birding, the field notebook I was using was filled to its last page.  This always gives me a great sense of accomplishment, wrapping up a notebook’s worth of birding experiences and ornithological data.  On top … Continue reading

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There are quite a few webpages and videos out there right now that are at least a little relevant to LCRV birding, so I’d like to share some here. For anyone looking for information on birding the LCRV, there is … Continue reading

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