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Birder biologists currently living and working in the Lower Colorado River Valley. When not out in the field I spend a lot of my time reading and writing about birds. I have always been drawn to areas under birded and species that we know little about.

Streak-backed Oriole at CVCA

It’s been a busy past couple months with doing vegetation surveys for GBBO as well as trying to get in as much birding as possible (along with the usual ebird and documenting rarities seen that results from such birding), that I … Continue reading

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Sage Sparrow

By now I am sure that most everyone has heard about the split of Sage Sparrow into (at present) two species: Bell’s Sparrow (Artemisiospiza belli) and Sagebrush Sparrow (A. nevadensis), two names I think are appropriate or at least I … Continue reading

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Inland Seabirds

On August 5 Lauren and I made a mad dash down to Mittry Lake after Bobby Wilcox found Arizona’s potential second state record of a Sooty Shearwater and the first one found alive (though see below about a third individual)! … Continue reading

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Is Nutting’s Flycatcher actually two species?

Lauren Harter and I have been very busy with work lately and haven’t had the time to update the blog as much as we like (but we do have some interesting stuff that we will hopefully finish and post soon!). … Continue reading

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Nutting’s Flycatcher Confirmed Breeding!

With only four previous records for the United States, Lauren Harter’s and my discovery of a Nutting’s Flycatcher in the Bill Williams River NWR in the winter of 2011-2012 was a shock, though there was a prior record (Sept 2008) … Continue reading

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Species Profile: Franklin’s Gull

The Franklin’s Gull is an attractive member of one of my favorite groups. It is also always one of the highlights of spring waterbird migration in the LCRV. With a black hood and a pink blush to the chest even … Continue reading

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Viewing the LCRV Swallow Spectacle

I love spectacles of migration, huge numbers of animals moving; no photos can do it justice. I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to see some of these amazing sights. Hundreds of thousands of Sooty Shearwaters off the California … Continue reading

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Spring Changes

Warming temperatures and changes in the bird life are always a good sign that spring is here around Lake Havasu. Spring means not only changes in the bird life in the LCRV but also the start of the field season … Continue reading

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An interesting Ferruginous Hawk

Ferrugunios Hawk, the “Regal Eagle,” a magnificent bird and a species I never see often enough. Though the light morph birds are beautiful, I am always amazed at the beauty of intermediate/dark morph birds. The rufous tones to the dark … Continue reading

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Storm Birding

On Wednesday morning, 20 Feb Lauren and I awoke to find the mountains around us hidden by clouds with a steady rain falling. As the clouds lifted they revealed the mountains were covered in snow. This may surprise people, but since we … Continue reading

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