Although we are primarily field biologists, we enjoy the opportunity to share Arizona and southern California birding with other birders, listers, and naturalists. If you are looking for a guide in our area, check out the information below.

We can offer a variety of tours, specially tailored to your goals.

  • Target Species: We are both county and state listers, so we certainly understand the desires of listers. Click here for a list of some target species in the area, and let us know what is on your “most wanted” list
  • General Birding
  • Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced Birding
  • Identification challenges or particular species groups
  • Photography
  • Hiking: There is some spectacular scenery in the area and great hiking to be done
  • Naturalists: Besides birds, between us we are interested in plants, butterflies, dragonflies, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and ecology.

We are based out of Lake Havasu City, so we primarily lead tours leaving from here. However, we can also arrange to meet you at a nearby birding location. Longer tours may include any part of Arizona and/or southern California; contact us with questions.

Our guiding fees, for one guide and 1-2 participants, are as follows: $100 for half day (5 hours). $175 for full day (dawn to dusk). Each additional hour (including night birding) is $25. For 3-4 participants, rates are $110 for half day and $195 for full day. Contact us for a quote for parties of 5 or more, or if you would like two guides. Participants will also need to cover any fees from fee areas. Payments are accepted in cash or check.

We prefer to take your vehicle, which we are happy to drive. If you are driving a rental, ask your rental agency if you can add your guide as an additional driver. For larger parties, we can arrange a rental vehicle at an additional cost.

To bring: Your guide will bring a spotting scope for the group’s use. Binoculars may be available. We can also provide extra water, and we recommend bringing reusable water bottles. We will check the weather forecast before your visit and recommend appropriate clothing, but a wide-brimmed hat, long sleeves, sunscreen, and sturdy shoes are always good to bring.

For any questions, to determine our availability or to book a tour, contact us:
David: scre (at)

4 Responses to Tours

  1. Andy and Ellen Stepniewski says:

    We’re keen birders and naturalists from WA. So, as this is our first trip to the LCRV, we’d appreciate an ecological intro, too.

    Are you available 22-23 January or 24-25? Would like to target wintering birds and Nutting’s Fly.

    Andy and Ellen Stepniewski

  2. Nancy and John Crosby says:

    Are you available on Sun, Feb 2nd ? Targets:Nutting’s Fly, Blue-footed & Brown Boobies. Are they still in your area?

    • Hi Nancy, sorry I hadn’t gotten back to you. In the next few days I should be able to figure out my plans for early February (may be taking a family trip). Bob Miller gave me your phone number, so I can give you a call when I know for sure.


  3. Nancy and John Crosby says:

    Thanks for your call! Have a Great trip!

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