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Streak-backed Oriole at CVCA

It’s been a busy past couple months with doing vegetation surveys for GBBO as well as trying to get in as much birding as possible (along with the usual ebird and documenting rarities seen that results from such birding), that I … Continue reading

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Elements of a Bird Description

Documenting a notable bird sighting is a part of everyday life for most birders, especially with the growing popularity of eBird. With the increase in documentation out there, though, in many ways there has been a decline in the quality … Continue reading

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Filling eBird Data Gaps

I am a big believer in eBird, its mission and its utility to researchers, observers, and anyone with an interest in birds. One criticism of eBird is that it only goes where birders go; as a result, more data come … Continue reading

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Important Bird Areas in eBird

If you visit today, you may notice a new article on Important Bird Areas (IBAs) now being a part of eBird’s output tools.  Is it really that big a deal?  What does this mean for birding in western Arizona? … Continue reading

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Have You Seen BirdCast?

At first I started using eBird because I liked the idea of my everyday sightings being useful for science.  I quickly grew to love how simply it organized all my sightings and lists.  Eventually, I learned how to use the … Continue reading

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Big Sandy River

Yesterday, David and I decided to spend the day birding around Wikieup.  We both kind of wondered whether it would be worth going in the winter, since our main targets there are breeding species: Northern Cardinal and Bridled Titmouse, both … Continue reading

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Keeping notes and eBird

After a great weekend of birding, the field notebook I was using was filled to its last page.  This always gives me a great sense of accomplishment, wrapping up a notebook’s worth of birding experiences and ornithological data.  On top … Continue reading

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There are quite a few webpages and videos out there right now that are at least a little relevant to LCRV birding, so I’d like to share some here. For anyone looking for information on birding the LCRV, there is … Continue reading

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