Where to Bird

The Lower Colorado River Valley is a large area with a lot of birding hotspots. Fortunately, there are a number of resources out there to help visiting birders find exactly what they’re looking for.

Where is this Mosquito Flats you speak of? Use the resources below to find the best birding spots!

To start with, Mark Stevenson has an article called “Birding Arizona’s West Coast” which covers the main spots from the Parker Valley north to Katherine Landing. For anyone wanting to hit the best spots, that’s a great place to start.

Further south, Henry Detwiler maintains a guide to Birding the Yuma Area which includes the main hotspots in that area.

Another important resource to check out is my Google map to LCRV Birding Sites. It is a work in progress and mainly contains areas in Mohave and northern La Paz Counties. Sites are listed alphabetically on the sidebar, making it easier to find places by name (e.g., “Where is Havasu Springs, anyway?”).

For anyone looking for a particular bird or wondering where the local rarities are, my Google map to LCRV Rarities will be very helpful. Birds are listed in taxonomic order on the sidebar and color-coded by rarity.  In the winter, I update this almost every day. Other times, not so much. Check out the AZNM listserv or Western Arizona Bird Forums for recent sightings.

For those visiting further east in northern Arizona, check out my N. AZ Birding Map for places to go birding in Coconino, Yavapai, Navajo, and Apache Counties.

A few times, folks have asked me “Is it worth checking x location?” The answer is always yes; you never know what could be out there! Your casual stop could be the next birding hotspot. For those looking to explore off the beaten path, check out this post about the most underbirded areas around.

Looking for more information about birding a particular location, or can’t find it above? Try using the search bar on this website (top right) or look in the category Birding Locations. Or, just leave a comment here and I’ll try to help!

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