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Birder biologists currently living and working in the Lower Colorado River Valley. When not out in the field I spend a lot of my time reading and writing about birds. I have always been drawn to areas under birded and species that we know little about.

Spring Changes

Warming temperatures and changes in the bird life are always a good sign that spring is here around Lake Havasu. Spring means not only changes in the bird life in the LCRV but also the start of the field season … Continue reading

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An interesting Ferruginous Hawk

Ferrugunios Hawk, the “Regal Eagle,” a magnificent bird and a species I never see often enough. Though the light morph birds are beautiful, I am always amazed at the beauty of intermediate/dark morph birds. The rufous tones to the dark … Continue reading

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Storm Birding

On Wednesday morning, 20 Feb Lauren and I awoke to find the mountains around us hidden by clouds with a steady rain falling. As the clouds lifted they revealed the mountains were covered in snow. This may surprise people, but since we … Continue reading

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Perception of Rare and the LCRV

Each of us has our own perception of what birds we consider rare and think of when someone says we saw a rare bird. Some would consider species with low world populations such as Whooping Crane as the only rare … Continue reading

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Shad Run: Of Rarities and Opportunistic Feeding

During fall and winter it is not infrequent to see a feeding frenzy suddenly form on Lake Havasu. Typically each feeding frenzy will only last a short time, but they can occur frequently while the fish are running. The actual … Continue reading

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Parrot Molt

With the new Phainopepla Fables, we’ll be presenting a broader range of topics. Here is something new and different than our typical posts centered around the LCRV! Hopefully this might generate interest into looking at molt and caring a bit … Continue reading

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