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Nutting’s Flycatcher

By now, the Bill Williams Nutting’s Flycatcher is anything but news.  In the first week or two after its discovery, it was fun to see the bird mentioned in blog posts, Facebook feeds, and websites.  Now, more than five weeks … Continue reading

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LCRV Rarity Photos

I’ve been promising for a while to post photos of rarities that have been seen lately in the LCRV.  The thing is, the rarities just keep coming!  I have finally caught up, for now, and I present a suite of … Continue reading

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How I Spent My Spring

To say I had a busy spring would be an impressive understatement!  I continued my part-time job with the City of Lake Havasu, but caved to my desire to get out in the field by working for the Great Basin … Continue reading

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Long-tailed Duck

On February 28 of this year, refuge volunteer Jan Richmond spotted a drake Long-tailed Duck near the Bill Williams River NWR headquarters.  This is a rare bird in Arizona, a “Sketch Details” species found mainly on the Colorado River.  I … Continue reading

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Spring Around the Corner

I have to admit, late February around here is starting to taste like a flat soda.  Several of the local rarities continue, but there don’t seem to be many new birds moving into the area.  While there has been some … Continue reading

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‘Ahakhav Tribal Preserve

The ‘Ahakhav Tribal Preserve lies just outside of Parker, AZ.  The preserve was established in 1995 by the Colorado River Indian Tribes as a place to restore the natural and cultural heritage of the Colorado River.  Now it stands as … Continue reading

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