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Shad Run: Of Rarities and Opportunistic Feeding

During fall and winter it is not infrequent to see a feeding frenzy suddenly form on Lake Havasu. Typically each feeding frenzy will only last a short time, but they can occur frequently while the fish are running. The actual … Continue reading

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Birding the north end of Lake Havasu

I’ve written many times about Lake Havasu’s north end, particularly Cape Havasu. I’ve written about many of the rarities that have been seen there, and about the many reasons why I enjoy birding there. Now it’s probably about time I … Continue reading

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Filling eBird Data Gaps

I am a big believer in eBird, its mission and its utility to researchers, observers, and anyone with an interest in birds. One criticism of eBird is that it only goes where birders go; as a result, more data come … Continue reading

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Area megas: Ivory Gull and Common Crane!

It’s been a wild week for the Colorado River below the Grand Canyon. Two days ago (January 16), the news came in that an Ivory Gull had been photographed along the Colorado River somewhere near Willow Beach, but it had … Continue reading

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ANOTHER Lesser Black-backed Gull

November 30th, after a lovely day rediscovering the now-returned Nutting’s Flycatcher, hiking in the Bill Williams, and finding my La Paz County Winter Wren, I thought I had used up all my birding karma for a little while.  Still, when … Continue reading

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Lesser Black-backed Gull – Lake Havasu

Two days ago (26 November 2012), John West photographed an odd gull on the beach at Rotary Park.  He sent the photos to David Vander Pluym, who immediately identified it as a juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull! Photos by John West … Continue reading

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Big Sit 2012: Cape Havasu

This weekend, everyone is talking about the Big Sit, a national birding event hosted by Birdwatcher’s Digest, which falls every year on the second Sunday in October.  (This year, they added the preceding Saturday as a possible count day.)  This … Continue reading

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The Red-breasted Nuthatch Irruption Reaches the LCRV

Lots of folks around the continent have realized by now that it is an irruption year for Red-breasted Nuthatches.  With failed seed crops across much of their range, they are showing up everywhere they aren’t supposed to be.  Observers are … Continue reading

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Spring Migration Birding

With temperatures creeping above 100 in the past week, those of us along the river here were happy to hear that a front was coming through, bringing possible rain and highs in the 80s.  Of course, there is always a … Continue reading

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Nutting’s Flycatcher

By now, the Bill Williams Nutting’s Flycatcher is anything but news.  In the first week or two after its discovery, it was fun to see the bird mentioned in blog posts, Facebook feeds, and websites.  Now, more than five weeks … Continue reading

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